Lotus Exige LF1

In 2014 Lotus launched a special edition Exige of 81 cars, called the LF1. Each of the 81 limited edition cars sequentially celebrated a specific Grand Prix win.

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Mercedes AMG GTS 'Edition 1'

In 2015 Mercedes AMG launched a special edition AMG GTS, called the Edition 1. Only 51 cars were allocated to the UK and only 1 in Fire Opal Red.

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Origine RS - Aug 2015

Origine RS is an event jointly run by members of v6Clio.net and Renault Alpine Owners Club at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The event took place on 22nd August 2015 and I attended in my Renault Clio V6.

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San Bernadino Pass

The San Bernadino Pass in Switzerland may only be 45km but is one of the most beautiful and "smoothest" mountain passes in the Alps and should not be missed.

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My Lotus Exige LF1

Today was the day that I picked up my Lotus Exige S LF1 from Williams Automobiles and it will be the first time I have actually sat in the car.

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Stelvio Pass - Italy
Ultimate Drive Videos

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Silverstone Track Day - Lotus Exige LF1 Silverstone Track Day – Lotus LF1

This was the first track day in my Lotus Exige V6 LF1. The fastest laps were 2mins 40secs and these were achieved in both Sport and Race mode.

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