Found: Renault Clio V6

  • Renault Clio V6 – Front
  • Renault Clio V6 – Left Side
  • Renault Clio V6 – Right Side
  • Renault Clio V6 – Front
  • Renault Clio V6 – Interior

The first Renault Clio V6 that caught my eye was being sold privately on Pistonheads. I contacted the seller, but he had just sold it a couple of days before my call. The seller was very helpful and pointed me in the direction of a Clio V6 owner’s forum, which he said offered great advise on the Clio V6’s and that I may also find a car for sale too.

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Renault Clio V6 Track Day Car

I have decided that I wanted to do some track days so I started looking for a track day car that was different from the norm and that would also be a challenge to drive.

After some research I have come up with a car that looks ideal, the Renault Clio V6. The Clio V6 is a mid-engined supercar with head-turning looks and a reputation of being particularly difficult to handle on the limit as they oversteer into a pirouette with very little warning. The Clio V6 has a cult status and what makes the V6 really different from your average Clio is that in the back where you normally find children and bags of shopping there is a massive V6 engine.

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Ferrari California Capristo Exhaust Upgrade

My Maserati Granturismo S had the most amazing exhaust I had ever had on a car. When I first got it I didn’t realise just how loud it was going to be. When I stopped for some pedestrians to cross the road at a crossing the bangs and pops from the exhaust were that loud that the pedestrians literally jumped off the crossing and I was left red faced with embarrassment.

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A Change of Ferrari California

  • Ferrari California Rosso Corsa – Front
  • Ferrari California Rosso Corsa – Side
  • Ferrari California Rosso Corsa – Rear
  • Ferrari California Rosso Corsa – Steering-Wheel
  • Ferrari California Rosso Corsa – Interior
  • Ferrari California Rosso Corsa – Wheel

Whilst I really like my Ferrari California it just does not have the wow factor, particularly on the inside. I have been looking for some time for a replacement and have finally found my perfect California.

The car was being sold by Statstone Ferrari in Wilmslow and is Rosso Corsa with a Crèma interior. The stitching to the leather is Rosso, which contrasts perfectly with the rest of the car. The car was Statstone’s ex-demo vehicle and has covered under 4,000 miles and was registered in May 2012.

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