BMW M4 Ceramic Brake / Wheel Problem – Final Update

I decided to write to the Managing Director of BMW UK, Graeme Grieve, explaining all of the problems I have had with my BMW M4’s carbon ceramic (CCB) brakes and wheels. I asked for a set of the new 20” wheels that would offer an additional 1¼cm clearance from the wheel to the caliper.

In the mean time I also contacted my local BMW dealer and told them that I was not happy. Interestingly I was advised by the Sales Manager that he was aware of my issues and more importantly, of the other 3 cars he had sold with the Carbon Ceramic Brake Option all had had the same issues with wheels and brake calipers being replaced.

A couple of weeks later I got a response from BMW UK. They were prepared to supply a set of 20” alloy wheels, but I would have to provide the tyres. Unfortunately, I was not prepared to cover the tyre cost and was getting no further. To add to this, the 20” wheels are only available in a silver finish, and I wanted black to match the existing 19” wheels.

After a long and painful decision, I decided to sell my beloved BMW M4 Convertible. Even so I had purchased my car from my local dealer and they knew of the problems I had encountered they offered the lowest figure. In the end I sold the car to a BMW dealer and have made a significant loss. I wrote to BMW UK telling them that I had sold the car after receiving the very poor customer service. I have never had a response.

The bottom line for anyone who has similar problems is, if you fight directly with BMW UK you can obtain a set of 20” wheels, but expect to buy new tyres.

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