As explained in my previous posts I have had a problem with a stone getting lodged between the when rim and brake caliper on my BMW M4 with Carbon Ceramic Brakes. The damage to the wheel is a deep groove around the inside of the rim, down to the metal.

After being told by my BMW dealership that BMW UK have reconfirmed that they would not replace my damaged wheel I decided that I would follow this up myself.

I wrote to the managing Director of BMW UK and after a week I received a notification from a BMW Customer Service Manager that I will receive a refund to reimburse replacing the wheel.

However, the letter stated that BMW are happy to issue me that there is no manufacturing issue with the brakes on my car. There is no individual issue with the brakes or the wheels. It is when they are combined that they cause problems. I will be following this up with BMW once I have received the refund for the damaged wheel.

If anyone else has similar problems then please get in touch.

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  1. I have a similar problem but not on ceramic. My importateur doesn't want to hear anything i have had to speak with BMW Germany. My real problem is noises like a cheap car and vibrations like a washing machine when i hit the brakes. I hope the end will be good but almost one month now.

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