BMW M4 Convertible Ignition Fault (Again) & Service

I have had the ignition fault again on my BMW M4 Convertible. On the 14th December I started having problems starting the car. On the 15th December I drove to Surrey to look at a Lotus Exige S and again I had problems starting the car. On the 16th December I decided to clean the car but after cleaning it I could not start it at all so I made another call to BMW Mobile Care.

The engineer came out and again I had to take it into the Birmingham BMW dealership. Whilst they had the car I asked them to perform its run-in check / service and I also reported the damage to the wheel.

It turns out the ignition fault was the Tracker again, but this time it was to do with the Tracker fob not being identified. After speaking to Tracker it turns out the Tracker fob must be recognised by the car before it will start. The problem seems to be resolved.

The run-in service was performed and now I can go above 5,500 RPM but in the wintery conditions I don't think I will be doing that too often YET.

BMW UK decided that the wheel was not damaged by the car but rather buy an outside influence, so they won't replace the wheel. I have argued my case with the dealership and provided evidence of other people having the same problem and with them having replacements. I'll have to wait for the outcome.

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