Lotus Exige LF1 3M Ventureshield

I had Covertech Midlands fit 3M Ventureshield to my Renault Clio V6 and I have decided to have it fitted to my Lotus Exige LF1. After JW Valeting detailed the car it has remained under its car cover until the Ventureshield is fitted.

3M VentureShield is a urethane paint protection film with excellent elasticity properties and optical clarity. It is designed to reduce stone chip, minor abrasion and environmental damage to a cars paintwork and headlights. It also helps to prevent costly resprays.

After talking to a couple of other owners and seeing paint chip damage caused to other Lotus Exige owners cars, I have decided to have the standard Exige package that includes the front of the car, headlights, wing mirrors and front splitter. Additionally, I’m also having the front D panel and full sills covered in 3M Ventureshield.

After a 3 week wait Covertech were ready to fit the Ventureshield. Due to the amount of time required to install the Ventureshield the car was dropped off early and it would take a full day to install. The Ventureshield film is supplied on a roll and is cut-out in large pieces using a template that is stored in a computer. The only exception was the D panel, and this was custom made. I left Andy at Covertech with my car and after a full day it was ready to pick up.

Covertech have done a great job, however there are a couple of areas of concern. My number plate has been cut down and this means that there is a half inch or so gap on either side of the number plate where the Ventureshield does not cover the exposed paintwork. Also, the Ventureshield on the mirrors does not entirely cover them.

Before taking the car out the film needs to cure for 3 days and it will take a full month for the film to become fully adhered. Care also needs to be taken when cleaning the car whilst the film adhesive is curing.

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