Lotus Exige LF1 Detailed

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I had already decided that I wanted to get Ventureshield protective film put on the front and sills of my Lotus Exige LF1. Before getting this done I wanted to establish the condition of the paintwork.

When looking at the paintwork in detail, it quickly became apparent that it had a number of swirls and very light scratching to the surface. I therefore decided to get the car detailed.

After some searching on the Internet I came across the detailer JM Valeting based close to me. I gave them a call and spoke to the owner Matt who described the process he used to detail cars and we also discussed ceramic coatings. I was impressed with Matt’s knowledge and before he would give me a price he wanted to see the car to establish it’s condition and the amount of work required.

Matt turned up to view the car with a powerful light. The light really highlighted the damage to the paintwork and he recommended that I should opt for his enhancement detail at his studio. I agreed, and he advised that he could start in a week’s time and that it would take about a week to complete.

The detail consisted of cleaning the car with a pre-wash of snow foam to remove loose dirt. The wheels and wheel arches were cleaned and then a full hand wash followed. Decontamination of the bodywork and wheels including fallout removal was done by claying. The car was washed again and hand dried.

The interior leather was cleaned with a damp cloth with ph neutral soap warm water solution as it was not to be cleaned with leather feed. The rest of the interior was valeted and the door shuts cleaned. The exhaust was polished, the wheels protected and waxed and the engine bay was given a light cleaning, as it was already pretty clean. The exterior was then prepared for a 2-3 stage polish.

After the car had been polished I visited Matt at his studio to look over the car. It was amazing. Nearly every swirl and scratch had been removed and the paint had a new depth to it. Matt explained that the paint was quite soft and that he was unable to take paint depth readings, as the car was not made of metal. There were a couple of scratches remaining on the bodywork that Matt explained he could no remove, but all in all the car was stunning.

The next stage was to add the ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings, when applied to a car’s existing bodywork, not only enhance the gloss and look of your vehicle, but they also add an incredibly hard layer of protection. They provide superior resistance to scratching and chemical etching and also offer permanent protection for factory paints.

Matt offered me two choices of ceramic coating, Gtechniq’s C1 or CarPro’s Cquartz. After some research I decided upon Gtechniq’s C1 coating. From what I had read it offered a greater protection with a more enhanced gloss finish than the CarPro offering.

Matt completed the work to the car and when I picked it up I was amazed, the car looked like new. I took it home and am storing it until I get the Ventureshield fitted.

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