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So after some searching I have came across a Lotus Exige S that looked very promising.

The car had bespoke paintwork that Lotus had painted on the car. The cars paintwork was originally designed between the Lotus Dealership, Bell & Colvill, and Lotus Cars. It had a black paintwork with golf flake and then added to this were gold racing stripes with additional red highlights.

The car came with the Premium Sport Pack, giving race seats, and the Race Pack that gives the 4-way driving option of Tour, Sport, Race and OFF. Also, supplied from the factory, were race harnesses and a front towing eye. So it looked ideal for my needs. The car would be serviced upon a sale agreement and the non-oem exhaust would be removed and the stock exhaust put back on.

My initial concern was the high mileage of 15,000 miles. I travelled to view the Exige S and was impressed with the amount of paperwork supplied with the car, which included the original paintwork artwork and all receipts. The car however was a different story. Firstly the mileage was 15,800. Also, it had clearly been tracked a lot and although it had protective film on the front and side sills near to the rear wheel it was clear to see that this had been compromised by stones and that the bodywork was probably badly chipped underneath. Indeed, there were a number of chips on the unprotected areas, including a couple of nasty chips on the bonnet and roof.

The weather on my visit was not ideal as it was raining. The car was garaged and was clean and I did not feel it was the right thing to do to test-drive the car without agreeing a price beforehand. I made my offer that was flatly refused and after some further thought I decided to leave it at that.

At home I spoke to Lotus about the car and also an approved Lotus body shop. It looked like it was going to cost about £1.5K - £2K to get bodywork of the car in perfect condition. I continued to look around for another car, but nothing took appealed to me at a similar price point. I just liked that fact that this car was different than your ‘standard’ Exige S. After a week I decided to make a further offer of the full asking price. This was accepted, but the seller was away over the Christmas period so I would have to wait until the Ney Year.

Come the first week of January I got a call from the seller saying he had no time to sort the car out and that he was not going to sell. I was not too happy at this news but I always had the bodywork condition in the back of my mind so felt it was clearly not meant to be.

I still have not driven in an Exige, and the hunt goes on.

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