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The indicators on the Lotus Exige S do not give and audible ticking noise so it is easy to leave them on without noticing, which I have already done a couple of times. To fix the problem a new indicator relay can be fitted.

After searching on eBay for a replacement relay I came across a 12v indicator / flasher relay for LED lights with clicking sound, which had three pins.

The indicator relay is located under the dash, close to the centre of the car, on the passenger side and near to the OBD2 connector. It requires a bit of contorting to see it, but I found going in via the passenger door, kneeling on the floor, I could look under the dash and just see it.

There are two relays next to each other; the one to change is the smaller of the two (manufactured by PEREI) and it is the higher of the two. Before starting the changeover I placed a mirror in the passenger footwell and angled it so I was able to clearly see both relays. I was able to get back into a more comfortable position (kneeling) and was able to use my left hand to access the relay. The indicator relay was pretty easy to ease out of its connector and I was careful to note its orientation when it was removed. With knowing the correct orientation, the new relay was quick and easy to install.

When the left or right indicator is selected a nice relay tick can be heard, although it does click once more than required when cancelling. Overall I’m very happy with the modification.

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