Renault Clio V6 KW Suspension Settings

As one of the recent upgrades to my Renault Clio V6 255 Phase II, I have had KW Suspension Variant 3 installed, with rebound and bump adjustment. The suspension can also increase or lower the ride height of the car. The KW suspension is designed for both road and track.

On the Clio V6 KW Suspension, the adjustable bump damping has 12 click adjustment and the rebound has 16 click adjustment.

To change the bump settings you have to locate the integrated adjustment wheel located on the bottom of each coilover. With the Renault Clio V6, to access the bump settings on the front coilovers you need to turn the steering wheel either fully left or right to be able to access the integrated adjuster wheel. The rear adjusters are easy to access.

To adjust the rebound a small twist-adjustment hex key is supplied. This key is put into the top of each coilover. It is easy to adjust the front rebound settings on the Renault Clio V6 by lifting the bonnet and using the supplied hex key to make the necessary adjustments. The rear rebound adjustments cannot be accessed without removing the rear side engine covers. Once removed the supplied hex driver key can be used to make adjustments.

Tip: I purchased 4 additional hex adjustment keys and 2 Snap-On long hex drivers. I superglued two of the front adjustment keys to the top of the coilovers. I then drilled two small holes in the engine covers above the top of the rear coilovers. I pushed the long Snap-on hex drivers through the holes and pushed them into the top of each rear coilover. This was a bit fiddly. I then marked where to cut each long hex driver and cut them both to size. I pulled out the hex piece from the standard adjuster and pushed in the new long hex adjusters. These were then pushed back through the holes in the side engine covers and remained in place for easy adjustment.

After the KW Suspension had been fitted to my car I asked Scott at SG Motorsport to adjust the car height so that it was lower than standard but would also be high enough to het over speed humps. The car was therefore lowered about 3cm from standard. I also asked Scott to take the car out and to get the suspension set up for fast road use, that was to offer a compromise between road handling and comfort. With Scott’s vast knowledge of the Renault Clio V6 he also came up with some settings for track purposes.

My first test of the road settings was a trip to Silverstone using the back roads. I had driven this route when the car was in its original OEM state and it was a handful at speed on some of the B roads. However, with the new KW suspension the handling was transformed. Whereas before I was hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life and was pretty much unable to change gear, the car was now handing all the uneven road surfaces with far greater ease and I could easily take my hand off the wheel to change gear.

On track the car also performed much better. I fine-tuned the settings recommended by Scott and the car had much better handling than the standard suspension. I also found that a softer setup was required when taking the car on track in wet conditions.

Here are the setting I use and also a there is a .pdf that can be downloaded if required.

Renault Clio V6 KW Suspension Settings

Renault Clio V6 KW Suspension Settings

Download .pdf of Renault Clio V6 KW Suspension Settings: Renault Clio V6 KW Suspension Settings

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