Will a 911 (991) Replace the Ferrari California?

I’ve never been a big fan of Porsches, however the new 911 (991) Turbo Cabriolet does look pretty awesome and looks an interesting replacement for my Ferrari California.

On the plus side we have the German engineering, blistering performance, four wheel drive (and steering), active aero and an up-to-date navigation and audio system. The interior looks modern yet clinical. The convertible roof it still reflects the hard-top silhouette rather than that of a tent, that the older models did.

On the downside there is only limited luggage space and the convertible roof is canvas. Also, the 911 just does not have the same ‘wow’ factor of the Ferrari.

As an introduction to the Porsche experience I arrange with my local dealer for a 911 (991) GTS cabriolet for a day. The GTS cabriolet feels a sharp and composed machine with barely a hint of flex through the roofless shell.

Although I don’t push the GTS Cabriolet anywhere near its limits, its traction when used on dry public roads seems unbreakable. Turn-in is sharp, although the electric steering feels very responsive.

The PDK dox is a joy to use. Gear changes are quick and pretty much instantaneous and I’m very impressed.

The roof is a feat of engineering, with four panels, including a heated rear screen. When up, even at cruising speed , it had superb noise insulation. The rearward view is a little compromised, and so are the rear seats, but there won’t get used by me anyway.

The roof can be lowered at speeds up to 30mph, there is far less wind noise than you would expect. With the electric wind deflector up you can easily hold a conversation up to 70mph.

Overall I’m very impressed with my driving experience in the GTS Cabriolet. The next ting to consider is golf clubs. Although, I don’t carry my golf clubs very often, let alone two sets it is important that I can carry two set of clubs and enough luggage for a long weekend away.

So at home I start some tests. I put down the backs of the rear seats to create a shelf and I get two full sets of golf clubs that are in small golf bags and try to get them to fit in the rear of the car. It quickly becomes apparent the the longer clubs, driver and 3 wood need to be taken out of the bags, but other than that they fit. The longer clubs will still stow behind the seats. Its not an ideal solution but it does work. Amazingly the roof can be lowered and even the wind deflector can be used. Two pairs of golf shoes can also be stored under the rear seat shelf too.

Next is the luggage. Under the front bonnet, there is enough storage for a long weekend break.
I also borrow a standard 911 coupe and establish that this is even wider across the back seats.

So I’m smitten with the 911 cabriolet and now I need to find a 911 Turbo that is right for me. Ideally I’ll find a well spec’d ex-demo car with a couple of thousand miles on the clock but has taken the initial hit on depreciation.

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