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As explained in my previous posts I have had a problem with a stone getting lodged between the when rim and brake caliper on my BMW M4 with Carbon Ceramic Brakes. The damage to the wheel is a deep groove around the inside of the rim, down to the metal.

After being told by my BMW dealership that BMW UK have reconfirmed that they would not replace my damaged wheel I decided that I would follow this up myself.

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BMW M4 Convertible Ignition Fault (Again) & Service

I have had the ignition fault again on my BMW M4 Convertible. On the 14th December I started having problems starting the car. On the 15th December I drove to Surrey to look at a Lotus Exige S and again I had problems starting the car. On the 16th December I decided to clean the car but after cleaning it I could not start it at all so I made another call to BMW Mobile Care.

The engineer came out and again I had to take it into the Birmingham BMW dealership. Whilst they had the car I asked them to perform its run-in check / service and I also reported the damage to the wheel.

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BMW M4 Ceramic Brake / Wheel Problem

After only 800 miles of ownership of my BMW M4 Convertible I have had a problem.

I went to clean the car today and noticed that the front drivers side wheel had a deep grove, down to the metal, around the centre of the wheel that was most of the circumference in length. I had noticed, and thought it was very unusual, that the brake calipers are very close to the rims when cleaning the car.

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BMW M4 Convertible Ignition Problem

So I had owned my new BMW M4 Convertible for a total of 24 hours and had an ignition fault.

Every time I pressed the Start/Stop button to start the car I got a Starter / Ignition fault warning. It started intermittently but then started to happen every time I tried to start the car.

I contacted BMW Mobile Care by selecting the call option on the Navigation System and they arranged for an engineer to attend my home.

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