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Picking Up My Lotus Exige S LF1

Today was the day that I picked up my Lotus Exige S LF1 from Williams Automobiles and it will be the first time I have actually sat in the car.

I was welcomed by the dealer, who unveiled the car from under a car cover. The Exige LF1 looked magnificent. All the work we had already agreed upon beforehand was complete, the front tow hook was fitted with a new front grille and some of the decals had been removed. The full toolkit and tyre foam was all present and correct, as was the LF1 collectors pack.

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Lotus Exige LF1 Decision Made

  • Williams_Lotus_LF1-4
  • Williams_Lotus_LF1-3
  • Williams_Lotus_LF1-1

A few days passed and in the end I decided that the Westover car is not for me as it had too many issues that in my opinion did not justify the sale price saving.

I contacted Williams and negotiated on the price a little further and also got a tow hook included in the deal. The dealer at Williams obtained all of the paperwork and the LF1 collectors pack and I visited them again today to check everything was present and correct.

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Finding The Perfect Lotus Exige LF1

  • Westover Lotus LF1-1
  • Westover Lotus LF1-2
  • Williams Lotus LF1-1
  • Williams Lotus LF1-2

After deciding that I wanted a Lotus Exige S LF1 the next thing to do was to locate one. After some research it became apparent that there were about 36 registered in the UK from about June 2014 to June 2015.

There were only three options available for the Lotus Exige S LF1, the convenience pack, rear parking sensors and heated seats. Of the three options I wanted the rear parking sensors and the convenience pack as this included a cup holder and USB connection in the car.

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The Lotus Exige S LF1

  • Lotus_LF1-6
  • Lotus_LF1-5
  • Lotus_LF1-4
  • Lotus_LF1-3
  • Lotus_LF1-2
  • Lotus_LF1-1

After the disappointment of the Lotus Exige S with the JPS livery I have decided that I want to try and find a ‘special’ Exige. After some research I found out that in 2014 Lotus launched a special edition Exige of 81 cars, called the LF1. Each of the 81 limited edition cars sequentially celebrated a specific Grand Prix from car #1 commemorating Lotus’ first GP victory at Monaco in 1960 to car #81 marking Kimi Raikkonen’s win at Australia in 2013. The cars would be sold across the world with the USA being supplied cars that could only be used on track.

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