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Lotus Exige V6 Dynamic Performance Management (DPM)

Lotus introduced their cutting-edge Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) system with the launch of the Exige V6 in 2012. Developed jointly with Bosch it was immediately one of the most advanced systems of its kind.

Lotus DPM uses a combination of 3 key systems that work together – ABS, TC and VDC.

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Lotus Exige V6 LF1 Indicator Relay Swap

  • Lotus Exige V6 LF1 Indicator Relays
  • Lotus Exige Indicator Relays Location In Car

The indicators on the Lotus Exige S do not give and audible ticking noise so it is easy to leave them on without noticing, which I have already done a couple of times. To fix the problem a new indicator relay can be fitted.

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Lotus Driving Academy – Exige Experience

Although I had not purchased a Lotus Exige, for Christmas my wife purchased a Lotus Exige driving experience for me at the Lotus Driving Academy, which is located at their factory in Hethel, near Norwich. The driving day was purchased for 12th March and since Christmas I have purchased a Lotus Exige LF1. (more…)
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Lotus Exige S Test Drive

After ensuring I could fit in a Lotus Exige S V6 and that I could also wear my crash helmet, a test drive was what was required next.

The test drive was in the Cotswolds. From the outside the carbon grey Exige S looked pretty menacing. The dealer got in and turned the key and the Exige S burst into life with a theatrical whoop and settled to a barrel-chested, fast idle. Whilst the Exige S warmed up I took another good look around the car both inside and outside. Then, after a couple of minutes, we were ready to get off. The door of the Exige S is small and to get in I find that putting the left leg in first and then following in with the rest of the body and finally pulling my right leg is best. Once in you feel very low down, even if you are just over 6ft tall.

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