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Mini JCW GP2 Review & Thoughts

So after deciding that the Mini JCW GP2 may be a suitable replacement for my Renault Clio V6 I arranged to test drive one at my local dealers.

Apart from the stickers and the aero kit it benefitted from a programme of upgrades: new adjustable-ride-height coilover suspension providing increased camber and reduced front toe-in for greater agility, an all-new braking system featuring six-piston calipers and 330mm front discs, GP-specific and super-sticky trackday tyres, and reconfigured stability control functions including a more aggressive Electronic Differential Lock Control. Also there are no rear seats, just a brace. So, the Works GP had all the makings of a new hero hot hatch.

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Track Day Car Replacement – Mini JCW GP2

After searching for a replacement for my Clio V6 I have stumbled upon the 2013 Mini JCW GP. It has performed well in many car magazine road and track tests and seems to tick most of the boxes I require, including being track focused.

The 2013 Mini John Cooper Works GP is known as the Mini JCW GP2 as it is the second generation JCW GP to be launched. The mini weighs around 165kg lighter than the Clio V6 at 1235kg and has its engine in the front. Performance wise it has a 1.6-litre engine that has been tweaked to produce 218bhp but taking around six seconds to accelerate from 0-60 mph ranks as average progress these days.

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