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Bedford Autodrome Track Day

This is the first track day I have done in my Renault Clio V6 Phase II. I purchased the car in December and it has had a complete brake refurb, including a strip down and the seals replaced. I had a high grade brake fluid and have K-Tec braided brake hoses. So the car should stop.

I have also installed a Janspeed ‘Spike’ exhaust which give a couple of extra BHP, is lighter than standard and also sounds great. Also, installed is a K&N air filter.

Bedford are renowned for their strict noise limits with a one strike and your home policy, so I was a little concerned about the exhaust. On the static test it measured 97dB, the max allowable is 101dB and there are a number of microphones dotted around the circuit measuring noise levels, which cannot be greater than 87.5dB. The car did not exceed the track noise limits.

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