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Silverstone Track Day

When doing a track day I turn up in my Renault Clio V6 Phase II, do the track day and drive home (hopefully). On the few track days I have done most participants do the same, with the few exceptions who bring their cars on trailers (about 10% - 15%).

Well, I turned up early at Silverstone in the new ‘Wing’ pit and parked next to an articulated lorry with 'FF Corse – Racing with Ferrari livery'. A quick look in their pit garage showed numerous sets of tyres, computers and hospitality for their ‘Gentleman racers’. After a quick chat with the engineers it was apparent that they were taking part in the track day with 2 x F430 GT cars and a 458 GT Car. Next to them was another Ferrari team with a huge truck running a 458 GT, the other side of the pits was David Richards of Prodrive running an Aston Martin team with a massive truck, Toyota GB brought race cars and a massive truck. Then on to the ‘small’ guys with their cars in covered trailers and large transits containing various spares. Every pit garage was taken by some team or another with Lamborghini GT Cars, Porsche GT cars, open cockpit racing cars, Renault race cars. And then there was me, turned up in my Clio V6, no garage, no pit crew, no sets of tyres, no amazing tool kits, no computers, just a small bag of tools (which I probably would not know what to do with if something went wrong), a tyre pressure monitor and an electric tyre pump.

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Bedford Autodrome Track Day

This is the first track day I have done in my Renault Clio V6 Phase II. I purchased the car in December and it has had a complete brake refurb, including a strip down and the seals replaced. I had a high grade brake fluid and have K-Tec braided brake hoses. So the car should stop.

I have also installed a Janspeed ‘Spike’ exhaust which give a couple of extra BHP, is lighter than standard and also sounds great. Also, installed is a K&N air filter.

Bedford are renowned for their strict noise limits with a one strike and your home policy, so I was a little concerned about the exhaust. On the static test it measured 97dB, the max allowable is 101dB and there are a number of microphones dotted around the circuit measuring noise levels, which cannot be greater than 87.5dB. The car did not exceed the track noise limits.

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