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Origine R.S. is an event jointly run by members of v6Clio.net and Renault Alpine Owners Club at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The one-day event is an Alpine & Renault Sport Track Day based car show with all Dieppe built or developed sports cars from the 1950’s to the modern day.

This years event took place on the 22nd August and I had booked a full track day package, which consisted of 6 x 15 minute time slots, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. In each session I would be driving with other Clio V6’s.

Due to the travel time to Goodwood, I stayed overnight at the wonderful Goodwood House Hotel, part of the Goodwood estate. I arrived at the circuit at 8:00am and parked up with the rest of the Clio V6’s in the Goodwood pits. I unloaded the car of my luggage and tool kit and then drove off for the obligatory noise test, which was easily passed. Next was the usual briefing on track safety, with the opportunity to have a free instruction session from Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams a racing driver who has competed in over 800 races.

I jumped at the chance of having instruction from Barrie so I arranged for him to meet me for my first on track session. Barrie met me as I approached the pits and after he got in the Clio V6 we set off into the pit lane. Barrie was a great help in that first session. He showed me the lines that I should be taking and also gave me an understanding of the speeds I should be taking the numerous Goodwood corners.

After the session I dropped Barrie off an then went to attend to my car. I always go through a procedure of removing the rear engine covers, opening the front bonnet and doors to try and cool the car down. I then attend to the tyre pressures taking a note of what the pressures are before removing air. I then take the pressures back down to their standard settings. The whole procedure take 15 minutes or so and it was then only a short wait for my next session.

My Clio V6 has had a number of modifications to make it more race track focused. With other Clio V6’s in each session it was amazing to see how my car compared to the other more standard cars. It was a revelation. My Clio V6 was quicker than any other on track, it handled better in the corners and was quicker on the straights. The work Scott at SG Motorsport had put into the car was really paying off, but I also feel that the experience I have gained from previous track days also helped too. In each 15 minute session I found myself lapping some of the other cars.

Unfortunately, during the end of the 5th session of the day one of the Clio V6’s caught fire and there was a long delay rescuing the car, and this meant that I missed the final session.

On a whole the day was amazing, the car was faultless and it was my best track day by far.

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