Track Car Replacement: Lotus Exige S

So the hunt goes on for a replacement for my Renault Clio V6. I want a car that I can use at the weekends, attend car club meets and race events in as well as take part in track days. Initially I thought that the 2013 Mini JCW GP would be an ideal car it had performed well in many car magazine road and track tests and seemed to be track focused. But after some research I was not convinced that it was the right car for me (see previous posts).

Going through the cars for sale websites I found myself going through each car make and working out if I thought they had a suitable car for my requirements. Alfa Romeo with their 4C looked promising, but I want a manual gearbox and they seem to be holding their prices pretty firm. Early car magazine reports were not too complimentary about the 4C either. Eventually I came to Lotus. Being over 6ft I was concerned that I would not fit into an Elise but the Exige S looked an interesting car. I travelled to a local dealer and was surprised to find the the Elise and the Exige S use the same tub, so if you fit in one you will fit in the other. I sat in the Exige S and was more than happy with the leg room although the roof height seemed a little low and I was concerned if I could wear a helmet in the car. A second visit proved that I could indeed wear my helmet in the car but only just.

So why the Lotus Exige S? It's a hardcore track car that looks amazing with sensational performance and fantastic handling. It is in a different league to both the Clio V6 and the Mini JCW GP.

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