BMW M4 Ceramic Brake / Wheel Damage - Update 3

It has happened again to my BMW M4 Convertible. I was in the process of cleaning the car when I noticed that both front wheels had deep groves around the centre of the wheel that were most of the circumference in length. The car has covered just 2,500 miles from new.

I wrote back to the Customer Service Manager at BMW UK who had previously managed the first occurrence of the damage to a wheel, on 31st May. I explained that the problem of the wheels being scratched by road grit had happened again and also the fact that the driver’s side wheel had only been replaced at 1,917 miles.

I also explained that the problem of wheels being damaged with the 19” wheel and very expensive carbon ceramic brake option was well known on various BMW forums. The clearance between the wheel and the brake caliper is just too small.

I know that BMW have recently launched a 20” wheel for the BMW M4 so I offered this as an option to permanently cure the problem.

I received a letter back on 6th June stating they they were sorry that further damage had occurred and that they were aware that other customers had had this problem too.

I was asked to take the car to my local dealer for them to look at to see if they could see what caused the problem. Once they have looked into this they will see if there is anything they can do to help.

On the 13th June I took my BMW M4 Convertible back to the dealers for them to look at the problem. I took along some road grit so they could see how easy it was for this girt to get trapped and they took the wheels off and took some photos. I asked the dealer’s Service Advisor to get back in contact with the Customer Service Manager at BMW who has been dealing with this matter for me.

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