BMW M4 Ceramic Brake / Wheel Damage - Update 4

My local dealer took pictures of the damaged wheels on my BMW M4 Convertible and passed them on to BMW UK for their information. I asked the Service Advisor to deal with the Customer Service Manager I had dealt with at BMW UK.

A week later I had a response from BMW UK through my local dealership, Sytner BMW Birmingham. BWM UK had agreed to replace both front wheels and also both front carbon ceramic brake calipers that had also been damaged. I did not know that the brake calipers had also been damaged, but this was uncovered when the wheels had been removed. I was hoping that somehow the new brake calipers had been modified so as to permanently eliminate the stone damage problem. Disappointingly, I was told that both the wheels and calipers were exactly the same as the old ones. The new wheels and calipers were duly fitted.

I then wrote to BMW UK explaining that the combination of wheel and carbon ceramic brake caliper were not fit for purpose and that they could be potentially dangerous as the integrity of the wheel could be compromised. I explained that the larger 20″ wheel launched by BMW for the M3 / M4 cars would almost definitely resolve the problem.

The response I received was disappointing in which BMW UK declared they they did not agree that the wheel / brake combination were not fit for purpose. They also explained that the replacement of the wheels and brakes was a goodwill gesture.

The war continues and I am going to evaluate my options.

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