Lotus Exige LF1 Custom Harnesses

The race harnesses I had in my Renault Clio V6 really helped in securing the driver in the seat and definitely improved the driving experience when on track. I therefore knew that were a must for my Lotus Exige V6 LF1.

Harnesses made by Schroth are the harnesses supplied by Lotus for their track focused / race cars. I visited the Schroth stand at the Autosport show earlier in the year and was shown the two offerings they had for the Lotus Exige V6. The harnesses were basically the same on both options, however one harness (Lotus II-FE) is designed and approved for road and track usage. This has a black buckle with a red push button to release the harness. The other harness (Lotus II) is designed for racetrack use only and this had a very nice metal twist release buckle.

After some research I realised that the existing seatbelts could remain in situ and I really liked the race only harness. The next problem was the colour of the harnesses. As standard the Lotus Exige Schroth harnesses are black with bright yellow badges and ASM label, and this would clash with my black and gold seats.

I contacted Schroth to see if they could make me some custom harnesses and I soon received a reply to say that they could. I went over my requirements and a design was agreed. The ASM label would have to remain as it was a safety feature of the harnesses, so the harnesses would be black with a black / grey ASM label and small grey Schroth badges on the harness adjusters. There would be no large Schroth badges on the harnesses.

After 4 months of trying to get the harnesses made, including emails and a phone call to the Managing Director, I finally had the harnesses delivered. I didn’t like the standard Schroth buckle centre so had some black and gold Lotus centres made. The harnesses look amazing and I’m really pleased with the final result.

I have bought an OEM Lotus Exige harness bar and this together with the harnesses will be fitted in June when my Lotus Exige LF1 is also being serviced.

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