Lotus Exige LF1 Custom Harnesses

So I finally got my custom Schroth race harnesses. It took 4 months of frustration ending with emails and phone calls with the Managing Director of Schroth. I am however very pleased with the results. The Managing Director said they should never have committed to the one-off order, so it’s pretty unlikely they will make individual custom harnesses again.

The harnesses have black webbing and have a black / silver ASM label and small Schroth badges in silver. The centre of the buckle has a black and gold Lotus badge in the centre that I had custom made.

I decided on the straight Lotus harness bar as I don’t like the A frame mainly because it seems to cover up some more of the very restricted rear view. It was initially looking like a long wait to get one from Lotus as they had no straight harness bars in stock and at the time had no plans to order any. So I rang around the dealer network and was lucky enough to find one.

After reading a pervious post on a Lotus forum, I decided to get Allon White to fit the harness bar and harnesses whilst keeping the original seat belts. Allon White are an official Lotus trimmer and it showed in their work and craftsmanship. They had a number of obstacles to overcome, including how to retain the speakers and their grills, to fit the harness bar and they have done an amazing job.

When I got the car home I made a couple of adjustments to the length of the shoulder harnesses and cable tied the excess shoulder harness webbing.

It is easy to switch between the standard seat belts and the race harnesses. I can’t wait to get the car on track and try the new harnesses out under track day g-forces.

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Paul Ridding
Posted on, 01 June 2017 Reply

Have you tried the harnesses on track, and would you recommend them as an upgrade over the standard seat belts?

Posted on, 10 June2017 Reply

I've taken the Lotus on a few track days since having the harnesses fitted. The highlight was at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps where there are a couple of corners with high g-forces. This circuit really highlighted the benefit of race harnesses. If you are serious about track days then in my opinion race harnesses are a must.

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