Lotus Exige LF1 - Collection Day

Today was the day that I picked up my Lotus Exige S LF1 from Williams Automobiles and it will be the first time I have actually sat in the car.

I was welcomed by the dealer, who unveiled the car from under a car cover. The Exige LF1 looked magnificent. All the work we had already agreed upon beforehand was complete, the front tow hook was fitted with a new front grille and some of the decals had been removed. The full toolkit and tyre foam was all present and correct, as was the LF1 collectors pack.

I then checked through all the paperwork. The original receipt was present as was the Lotus folder containing the owners manual, warranty and service record etc. I made a final payment and the V5 was completed, transferring the ownership of the car over to me.

Then back to the car, the dealer drove it out of the showroom and parked it up ready for a few photos. Then it was my turn to get in and to be told about the controls. The car is basic inside so this only took a few minutes. Then after a final farewell I was ready to go. A turn of the key and …. nothing. I turned the key again and …. nothing. The dealer came over to advise that the immobiliser had armed itself. A press of a button on the key sorted this and this time the car fired up.

It was to be a gentle drive home. My plan was to get the car back, hopefully without picking up any chips or marks, so it could be detailed before having Ventureshield put on the front and sills at the end of the month. After a mile or so I noticed a blue light on the dashboard, so I made a quick call to Williams to ensure that this was OK. I was advised that this light would extinguish once the engine was up to temperature, and a mile or so later it went off. The journey back was uneventful, however driving along the motorway I realised how low the car is. On the final stretch, just after I left the motorway, I accelerated pretty hard from some traffic lights, bearing left, and onto a straight dual-carriageway. The grip and acceleration was amazing, as was the fantastic whistle from the supercharger behind me.

It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed that a rear tow loop was fitted, as I only expected the front towing eye to be present. However, after some research I have established that this is not fitted correctly as it will damage the rear differs surround and bodywork if used.

I can’t wait to take the car out on some twisty country roads but I’m going to have to be patient until the Ventureshield is fitted.

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