Lotus Exige LF1 Sold

I had my Lotus Exige for over a year and with my new Ferrari Portofino being ordered I decided that it was time to sell. I’ve had fantastic enjoyment from owning my Lotus Exige LF1 in particular the track days I’ve taken part in. I participated in track days at Anglesey, Donington Park, Olton Park, Silverstone, and the highlight a day at Spa-Francorchamps. I’ve also driven two laps of the Nurburgring “Green Hell”, the most demanding and deadly race circuit in the world.

I can remember how well the car handled at Anglesey even in the wet conditions that were encountered in the afternoon. The day at Donington Park when I nearly lost the car through the Craner Curves, the amazing feeling of driving Au Rouge and the g-force experienced at Pouhon at Spa-Francorchamps and the unnerving experience of driving the Nurburgring in wet and damp conditions.

Whilst the track days have been great, the two Lotus owners clubs I joined have both been pretty poor. There seemed to be pretty few events being attended by the clubs and both members forums were poorly managed, with questions remaining unanswered.

To sell my Lotus Exige LF1 I decided to contact a number of the official Lotus dealers around my area, which totals around six dealerships. It became apparent that the changes of adding the harness bar and race harnesses detracted from the value of this limited edition car as it was not deemed factory original. Also, it implied that it had been heavily tracked. Most dealers were interested in the car and my negotiations took place over the phone. Eventually it was Howards Lotus in Weston-super-Mare that offered the best price. The dealer came to see the car and after being satisfied with the condition paid for the car by bank transfer and took the car back to Weston-super-Mare.

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