Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

Whilst exploring YouTube I found a video of a camouflaged Mercedes AMG GT, which was being described as the Black Series version, testing at the Nordschleife. I also found a couple of articles online with spy shots of the car discussing the anticipated details what the new Mercedes AMG GT Black Series would be like. It was clear that the aero on the car was heavily modified with a very large fixed rear wing and a far more agressive front splitter. There were also added canards to the front bumper and even to the wings.

As previous Mercedes Black Series cars had only been available in very limited numbers and were the most extreme versions of their models, I decided to go and pay my local Mercedes dealership in Birmingham a visit. I knew they had an AMG specialist and this would most likely be the best opportunity to obtaining such a rare car.

I spoke to the sales executive James about the AMG GT Black Series and he knew nothing about it. I showed him the spy pictures and articles I had found about the car and he said he would contact Mercedes and would get back to me.

Two days later James rang me and said that he had been in contact with Mercedes Boutique and that he had registered my name with them for the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series. No deposit was required at the time as the car was not official. If / when the car was made official and if I was selected to be able to purchase a Black Series, as it was most definitely going to be a limited production car, a deposit would be required then. He also stated that he was unable to provide me with any type of paperwork confirming this.

I decided to follow up our conversation with an email asking for confirmation that my name had been put down on on the waiting list with Mercedes as I wanted some sort of confirmation in writing. If there was a long wait for the car and James left the dealership then at least I would still have proof that I had put my name down. A day later James confirmed in an email that my name was down with Mercedes Boutique for the car.

It is now just a matter of waiting to see what materialises.

Update: It turned out that this AMG was in fact the AMG GTR that was announced and launched in November 2016. The Black Series is still sometime off.

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