Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 - Detailing

After purchasing my Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 I needed to get the paintwork addressed. I rang Ultimate Finish and booked the car into their Brands Hatch Detailing Studio. The goal was to get the car back to more of a ‘new car’ look so it was going to receive their Gloss Enhancement, Engine Treatment, Alloy Wheel Protection and Stone Chip Repair.

Ultimate Finish are the official UK supplier of Kamikaze Collection of bodywork coatings. They had been provided with a sample of Kamikaze Collection’s latest product ENRI, which is a two-step coating. ENREI has been a long time in research and development and Kamikaze Collection consider it their ‘masterpiece’. I was offered this as a no cost option, so I accepted the kind offer.

The detailing started with the wheels and bodywork being treated for ferrous contamination and the bodywork was degreased, with particular attention paid to the boot, bonnet and door shuts. Under the bonnet the air intakes and sensitive components were protected with detailing tape and the many unsightly water spot marks were removed using a non-contact product to remove the deposits. The engine and bay were then carefully degreased using detailing brushes to remove stubborn dirt and to ensure all the tight areas were thoroughly clean.

The wheels were then cleaned and decontaminated. The bodywork was treated for tar, bug and tree sap contamination and then rinsed again before Snow Foam was applied. The thick foam clings to surfaces, lifting the larger particles of dirt and grit away from the paintwork and allowing it to be freely rinsed away.

With the decontamination stage complete, the car was washed using the Two Bucket Method. After rinsing, De-Ionising Water was used to give the AMG GTS a pure water rinse before it was dried with soft microfibre towels. Now clean, the paintwork could be inspected under high-intensity lighting so the full extent of damage could be evaluated.

The rear spoiler and aluminium panels were all heavily swirled, with marks left by previous machine polishing efforts and light scratches down the side from close encounters with bushes. There were a number of stone chips, particularly over the lower sills and on the inside lip of the painted wheel arches.

The AMG GTS was raised on a hydraulic ramp and the wheels removed. This allowed for thorough decontamination of the underside of the wheel arches and rear of the rims too. The stone chips under the wheel arch lip were then also more accessible for treatment.

German paintwork is typically hard, so the larger panels took a long time to correct. By comparison, the black spoiler was extremely soft, so over the course of the detailing process there was a lot of switching of machines, pads and compounds to achieve the correct level of cut.

Next, the stone chips were addressed with the ChipEx Stone Chip Paint Repair System. This uses the manufacturer’s paint code to precisely match the original colour of the paint for an exact colour match, the better to mask the damage left by gravel and small stones.

To protect the paintwork Kamikaze Collection’s newest and most innovative coating was used, ENREI. ENREI is a next generation two-step coating. The base coat creates a protective layer over the clear coat. The top layer helps repel water and reduce water spotting. Visually the ENRI coatings enhanced the paint finish almost immediately and this improved further after it had fully cured. The Fire Opal Red become deeper and more vibrant.

I picked my Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 up a week later from Ultimate Finish, and it looked amazing. Gone were the stone chips, road rash and swirl marks from the bodywork. The car looked as new and the Fire Opal Red colour just looked stunning. Ultimate Finish had done a great job.

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Andrew Jones
Posted on, 08 April 2017 Reply

Is the ceramic coating on the car any good, and would you recommend it over PPF?

Posted on, 21 April 2017 Reply

I've been very impressed with the ceramic coating so far. The bodywork looks amazing when cleaned and seems to be pretty resistant to chips. The brake dust on the wheels is also very easy to clean off. I would highly recommend a ceramic coating as it seems effective and is a lower cost option than PPF. However, I think that PPF is a better solution. I have had PPF fitted on both my Clio and Lotus and it certainly protected the paintwork from chips.

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