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I had been searching for a Mercedes AMG GTS ‘Edition 1’ and quickly established that I would not be buying an Edition 1 from an official Mercedes-Benz dealer as the small number of cars that are available for sale are all being sold by independent dealers.

There had been a few Edition 1 cars for sale in various colours but only a couple had the AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package, an option I really wanted. One car in particular caught my attention and this was a Fire Opal Red AMG GTS Edition 1 that had the Dymanic Plus package as well as the optional black forged alloy cross spoke wheels.

I rang the independent dealer selling the car and establishing a number of details about the car over the telephone. This particular Mercedes AMG GTS ‘Edition 1’was registered at the end of June 2015 with one previous owner and had covered just 3,500 miles. It had had its first service by Mercedes-Benz earlier in the year. I was told that the car was in an excellent condition with no kerb marks to the wheels the bodywork was in excellent condition, as was the interior. The car came with all of the manuals and wallet to keep them in. I was told that there was no cargo net divider, which would have originally been supplied with the car. As well as confirming the registration number I also obtained the VIN number so I could perform some additional checks.

After my conversation, I contacted my local Mercedes AMG dealer and asked for the OASIS report for the car. This report provided the complete record of the car from production date, to engine number, chassis number, options, when the car left the factory and when it was registered.

The 4 Page OASIS report I received confirmed that it was an ‘Edition 1’ but also showed every option on the car including the optional wheels, AMG Dynamic Plus package and the important Edition 1 pack. I also obtained the cost of the cargo net, which was £750.

An HPI check confirmed that the car had not been involved in an accident and that all the information provided by the dealer selling the car was correct.

After my checks, I arranged to view the AMG GTS Edition 1. Upon arrival at J Hallam's, the dealership I established that the owner of the garage liked to purchase a couple of ‘Special’ cars to use, buy and sell as well as his standard Land Rover stock. I was left with the car and I went over the outside and inside thoroughly. The exterior of the car had swirl marks on the body and also a couple of chips to the front and a small amount of road-rash on the bottom sills. The interior of the car was immaculate and smelt like new. The cargo net was actually in the car, so this saved £750. The mileage on the car was just over the 3,500 miles advertised. All of the manuals and paperwork was present including the Digital Service Report from Mercedes-Benz Macclesfield that showed the car was serviced at 2,867 miles in July 2016.

It was apparent that the dealer was unaware of what the current price Edition 1 cars were selling for. I negotiated a price for the car, which was well under their asking price, and indeed made this the cheapest Edition 1 for sale at the time by some margin. The price I agreed took into account the cost I thought it would be to restore the paintwork. I did not buy the car there and then as I wanted to go away and find out how to fix the chips and road-rash and how much these minor paint repairs were going to cost.

When I got home I began to contact a couple of car detailers to see who would be able to fix the paint chips and also detail the car. I had used Ultimate Finish to obtain my detailing products and also knew they offered a detailing service. I spoke to them and was advised that they could rectify the chips, road rash and also fully detail the car. The chip repairs would not be as good as a respray, but would be about 80%-90% perfect.

After my conversation with Ultimate Finish I was happy that the cars paintwork could be restored so the next day I rang the dealer selling the AMG GTS ‘Edition 1’ and agreed to buy the car. I was a little shell-shocked with his answer. He had decided that he was probably going to keep the car and after some further discussions he said he would think about it for 24 hours. I noticed that the car was still for sale on his website but at a much higher price. Fortunately, after a couple of hours he rang me back and agreed to sell the car at the agreed price.

A couple of days later he had received the funds and I had picked up my wonderful new Mercedes AMG GTS ‘Edition 1’.

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