Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 - Sold

During my Atelier appointment at Ferrari in Maranello I asked Nigel from Graypaul Ferrari about part exchanging my Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 when my new Portofino was ready. Nigel explained that the dealership would not be particularly interested in the car as it was not a Ferrari or Maserati and that they would just ring around a few dealers and would offer me the price given to them. Basically they did not want the car, and I certainly would not be getting the best price for it.

Upon back getting to the UK I decided to sell my Mercedes AMG GTS straight away based on the fact that Mercedes had improved the existing GTS line up and the Mercedes AMG GTR had been launched so I felt that this would drastically effect the price of my GTS. I rang a couple of Mercedes dealerships but they were not interested in buying the car so I decided to contact a few independent dealers. Prices offered varied by around 4% and in the end a dealer called GC Motors offered the best price.

GC Motors are based in Harrogate and they arranged for one of the buyers to come and see the car. When the buyer turned up he said that it would take around 30 minutes for him to look over the car. In the past I’ve experienced a number of different buyers. Some have a quick look over the car, whilst other spend some time looking over the car, but this seemed a little extreme. After the buyer had thoroughly looked over the car and the paperwork, he highlighted that the car was as described except for the condition of the windscreen, which had a couple of chips in it and also a small crack. He told me the windscreen would need replacing and he offered me the original price offered less the cost of a new windscreen, which seemed reasonable. I agreed to the revised price. The money was transferred directly into my bank account and the buyer drove off in my Mercedes AMG GTS.

I’m now driving a basic daily driver until my Ferrari Portofino arrives.

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