Everyday Car Replacement: Mercedes AMG GTS

After the disappointment of my BMW M4 and the horrendous financial hit I took when I sold the car I decided to look for something a little more exotic and that has a presence on the road. I also decided to go back to buying a car that was either a dealer ex-demo or a car with a very low mileage so that it had already taken the initial financial hit of being driven off the forecourt.

As always I have started my search on the Autotrader website starting with car brands beginning with A and running through to Z. After looking through all the car makes a couple of times I eventually came back to M and Mercedes-Benz. I had recently seen a Mercedes AMG GT on the road and it had that instant Wow factor. A quick search through the Autotrader classifieds and I could see that I could get a very new car for around £100K.

I made a visit to my local dealer with a set of golf clubs in the boot. The dealer had a stunning Solarbeam Yellow AMG GTS demonstrator in the showroom and from the outside, it’s difficult to argue that it isn’t a hugely good looking car with its long bonnet and 911 like rear.

Like the exterior, the AMG GT’s interior is as much based on form as it is function and it definitely feels like a very special place to be. The V-shaped centre-console mimics the layout of the cylinder banks up front. Everything from driving dynamics to the exhaust is controlled via these 8 buttons, all of which have a premium look and feel. In the centre of the dashboard is and 8.4inch COMAND system, which is fully loaded, although the tech is not as good as that of the BMW M4.

Under the long bonnet lies the 3982cc V8 engine with two turbochargers residing in the middle of the 90 degree V. In the more powerful S form, the outputs are 503bhp at 6250rpm and 479lb ft of torque from 1750 to 4750rpm. The AMG GT has a seven-speed dual-clutch ‘box that is located at the rear of the car, helping weight distribution.

So the car looked great and the passengers cabin is a special place to be, but what about the boot and my golf clubs? Well there is a capacious rear boot accessed via a hatch that is open all the way through to the passenger’s compartment. A brace acts as a barrier to stop luggage flying into the cockpit and there is also a cargo net that can be fitted that provides a further barrier between the boot and passengers. As for the golf clubs they could fit in one of two ways. If the driver and 3 wood are removed, then a carry bag could be stored horizontally in the boot space. The long clubs could be placed at an angle in the boot. The second option was to put the clubs in vertically. The golf bag needed to have its hood on and the neck of the golf bag rests just before the brace stopping it moving forward. An additional rubber bungee could be used to secure the clubs further or the cargo net could be fitted. Two sets of clubs could be easily stored.

So far everything was promising and the car was starting to tick all of the boxes. Next thing was to organise a test drive, which was offered straight away. The demonstrator for the test drive was in Fire Opal Red, which sounded great as it fired up and looked stunning as it was manoeuvred from a tight parking space and towards me. The salesman jumped out of the AMG GTS and I got into the drivers seat. I was directed along a few twisty roads, but also along some dual-carriageway. On the road the performance of the AMG GTS never felt anything less than ballistic. Despite being turbocharged, the throttle response is fantastic as the V8 hauls with an unrelenting ferocity down the road. With the exhaust button pressed, all this is overlaid with a soundtrack of cracks and pops, particularly on the downshifts. The seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox now cracks through upshifts as smartly as you like, but more importantly it will also down-shift when you ask it to. All too soon the test drive was over and we were back at the dealership. After a quick chat with the salesman I left.

I normally like to test drive a few different cars, but in this case there is no need. I’ve decided, a Mercedes AMG GTS is the next car for me. I now need to find the right car. The two GTS’s at the local dealership were not for me. They were asking all the money for the Solarbeam Yellow car and whilst I really liked the colour of the Fire Opal Red GTS it was high mileage and not very well specified.

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