Renault Clio V6 255 Purchase

The first Renault Clio V6 that caught my eye was being sold privately on Pistonheads. I contacted the seller, but he had just sold it a couple of days before my call. The seller was very helpful and pointed me in the direction of a Clio V6 owner’s forum, which he said offered great advise on the Clio V6’s and that I may also find a car for sale too.

I joined the forum and put an advert in the wanted section. I was contacted by Chris, a couple of days later, who was selling his V6. He told me about his car, saying it was illiad blue but it had some chips on the front bumper and the wheels needed refurbishing. He told me the price he was after saying he would not negotiate on price. I decided that this car was not for me.

After a few further weeks of searching a car came up for sale that looked very interesting, but was overpriced. It was a January 2005 car in Illiad blue and had covered only 22,500 miles. The only problem I could see was that the brake calipers had been painted red, rather than being their usual grey metal colour. I rang the dealer and it turned out he was selling the car for a friend. The dealer described the car and its condition, and during this conversation the car sounded like what I was after. Being some distance away, in Lowesoft near Norwich, I wanted to agree an ‘in-principle’ price before setting out to view the car. After a few days of negotiation a price was agreed and I travelled to view the car. The car had been well looked after and had been dry stored in the dealer’s garage.

It always amazes me how some dealers present cars for sale. In this case the dealer had not bothered to clean the car and it had a light coating storage dust all over it. The interior looked like new and was very clean and smelt like new. The exterior look good with just the odd small chip to the paintwork and the wheels were all perfect, with no marks. The Renault Clio V6 was totally standard with no modifications, except the painted brake callipers. It had the numbered plate located in the centre console of 218 of the 354 UK cars.

I went for a test drive with the dealer. To enter the Clio V6 you literally step into it. The car has a standard Clio dashboard, standard sports seats and a large steering wheel. The gearbox and peddles are easy to use. Flooring the throttle unleashes a soundtrack that builds from a low-rev rumble, through rich, resonant waves of mid-range muscularity to a bellowing, crescendo. Its steering feels keen with no sign of understeer the Clio Renault Sport V6 255 speared though bends as though sucked to the road, although at times the suspension seemed to be a bit bouncy. All in all the car seemed sound and was exactly what I was looking for. The sale was agreed; payment taken and I drove the car straight home.

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