Renault Clio V6 Sold

I really enjoyed the time I had with my Renault Clio V6. From the moment I decided to purchase RN54 XHX in late 2013 through to the time I decided to sell the car I’ve had an amazing journey with the Clio V6. From my first track day at Bedford when the Clio V6 was standard to the last track day at Goodwood, when the car was fully track set-up, I’ve had amazing fun. The events I’ve attended and the sheer joy a Clio V6 brings to car enthusiasts has been wonderful.

The club has been the best I’ve joined and its forum and its members have been amazing. Scott at SG Motorsport helped transform my “standard” Clio V6 from a road car into a track focused machine. The hours of time and the money no object approach transformed the car and I loved it.

Scott was very enthusiastic and interested about my tack day exploits. Many a Clio V6 owner had upgraded their cars for track use, but very few had actually taken their cars on track. He always wanted to know how my track days had gone and in particular how the car had handled. He would pass on his knowledge to help me understand the handling characteristics of the car and we both worked to create an astonishing Clio V6.

So why the hell would I sell it? Well the problem is spare parts, in particular body panels. Renault have no plans to make any more and the stock they have is pretty much depleted. If Renault send a part and it is rejected because it’s damaged or does not fit, they just put it back into stock. This means that there are no longer any usable front bumpers, rear bumpers and the wheel arch liners are now unavailable. This means putting the car on track is a much higher risk. Whilst the cars handling had been greatly improved I have had a couple of spins and off-track excursions. During my ownership, a car ran into the back of the Clio V6 resulting in a new rear bumper being required and on a track day I damaged the front resulting in a new front bumper and wheel liners. I got to the point where I was so concerned that if I had an off on track the damage may not be able to be repaired. This would spoil my enjoyment of the car.

I placed my advert for the sale of the car on the forum and told Scott at SG Motorsport that the car was for sale. Every upgrade on the car could be reversed and I had all the spare parts required to put it back to original specification. It did not take long to find a new owner. The only regret on the sale was that the car was going to become a garage queen and not ever be used on track.

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