Track Day Car: Renault Clio V6 255

I have decided that I wanted to do some track days so I started looking for a track day car that was different from the norm and that would also be a challenge to drive.

After some research I have come up with a car that looks ideal, the Renault Clio V6. The Clio V6 is a mid-engined supercar with head-turning looks and a reputation of being particularly difficult to handle on the limit as they oversteer into a pirouette with very little warning. The Clio V6 has a cult status and what makes the V6 really different from your average Clio is that in the back where you normally find children and bags of shopping there is a massive V6 engine.

Basically, Renault tore up the rule book when developing the Clio V6. They made it 300kg heavier than the front-drive version of its hot hatch, the 172 Cup. The V6 engine provided more power but this was barely offset by the additional weight. Then there was the bonkers bodywork that is a riot of scoops and bulges, and the fact it is clearly a Clio makes it much cheekier.

The Phase I models were renowned for their wild handling so after 2 years the Phase II Clio V6 255 was quickly rushed out in a bid to rectify the fact that Renault had spent millions of pounds making a car with terrifying handling and that was not much quicker than the 172 Cup. Renault had given the Clio V6 a number of tweaks aimed to right some of the wrongs of the Phase I. The wheelbase had been stretched by 23mm for greater stability, the front track was widened by 33mm, there was a new stiffer rear sub-frame, the damper mounts had been repositioned and stiffened, the suspension was reworked with the help of Porsche, the rear wheels had moved 15mm back, the trailing arms were lengthened by 10mm, a thicker anti-roll bar was added, and stiffer springs were thrown in. The engine was also tinkered with giving an extra 25bhp. The changes worked. The V6 was still worrying in the wet, but far less so than before and in the dry it was now a proper little performance car.

Although, far from perfect everyone loved it, including Jeremy Clarkson, who picked it as one of his favourite cars of all time?

Both models are rare with around 250 Phase I cars and 350 Phase II cars being supplied in right hand drive to the UK.

So the search is on for a Phase II Clio V6 255 in my preferable colour of Illiad Blue, which means I’m looking for one of 191 cars produced in that colour.

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