Ferrari Portofino

My Ferrari Portofino journey started after visiting a local Ferrari dealer, Graypaul Nottingham in July 2017. I had test driven a Ferrari 458 an F12 and a California T but I decided neither car was right for me. It was at this time that I was told by the sales specialist that a new replacement for the California was going to be announced within the next few months and this grabbed my attention.

On 23rd August 2017, I received an email from Graypaul Nottingham revealing the California replacement, the Portofino, and it looked amazing. I rang the sales specialist that day and placed my order.

At the end of November I attended the UK Premiere launch of the Portofino in London. The Portofino looked as good, if not better in the flesh than in the pictures and I was smitten.

On the 23rd April 2018, I flew to Maranello to my Atelier appointment. I was lucky enough to be able to select a number of options that were unavailable to the dealers at that time as well as a couple of Atelier only options. In mid-May my specification was confirmed with the expected delivery of October 2018.

In February 2018 the Portofino reviews started emerging from the press. Almost all the reports confirmed how much better the Portofino was than the California it replaced and that it was indeed a proper Ferrari.

Hellishly fast, ultra-stylish integration of coupe and convertible, beautifully designed and made.

by Top Gear

In July 2018 I actually drove the Ferrari Portofino for the first time. The route driven was pre-selected and the event was rather lacklustre and a little disappointing as there was no opportunity to enjoy the cars performance.

Due to various delays from Ferrari my car was not delivered until February 2019, and it took another month for it to be prepared for delivery as I wanted it completely PPF wrapped by Topaz in London.

Finally, on 25th March 2019 I took delivery of my Portofino and have enjoyed every moment of ownership.

The Ferrari Portofino specification is as follows:


  • Rossa Corsa
  • 20” Forged Diamond Cut Wheels
  • Yellow Brake Calipers
  • Carbon Fibre Front Splitter
  • Carbon Fibre Front Air Intakes
  • Carbon Fibre Under Door Covers
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Air-Ducts
  • Black Ceramic Exhaust Pipes
  • Rear Parking Camera
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors
  • Adaptive Front Lights + Static Bending Lights
  • Magneride Dual Mode Suspension


  • Nero Leather with Rosso Stitching
  • Nero Carpets
  • Daytona Style Seats
  • Full electric Seats
  • Prancing Horse Stitched on Headrests in Rosso
  • Aluminium Drivers and Passengers Footrests
  • Passenger Display
  • High Power HiFi System
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Yellow Rev. Counter
  • Carbon Fibre Drivers Zone and LEDS
  • Carbon Fibre Dashboard Inserts
  • Carbon Fibre Central Bridge
  • Carbon Fibre Cup Holder
  • Carbon Fibre Kick Plates

Special Features

  • Airbrushed Shields on Front Wings
  • Prancing Horse on Rear Wall in Rosso
  • Rosso Ferrari Leather Inserts Between Stitching on Upper and Lower of Central Door Panels Continuing on the Rear Wall Area
  • Rosso Ferrari Leather Inserts In Between Stitching of Central Tunnel Armrest
  • Atelier Dedication Plater on Tunnel Armrest
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Posted on, 12 August 2019 Reply

Your Ferrari Portofino looks fantastic. I can see that you have the painted shields, which look amazing. What are the inserts you say are Aterlier options on the interior that are different to standard?

Posted on, 23 August 2019 Reply

Thank you for you kind comments. The inserts are on the driver and passenger doors and go into the rear. They are also on the centre armrest. They are made up of 1.5cm wide red leather strips and and can be cealerly seen on the interior picture in the 'Mini Gallery'. These red accents are not normally an option.

Posted on, 25 August 2019 Reply

I've looked at the mini gallery and can see the interior detail. The stripes certainly make a difference.

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