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I’ve had an interest in cars from a very early age. My father used to race cars as an amateur and my uncle was a car fanatic. We would go to various hill climbs and circuit races watching some amazing cars and drivers. My father and I would always watch the F1 races on TV and although James Hunt was a childhood hero of mine, I have always had a passion for Ferrari, their blood red cars and the mysterious Enzo Ferrari, who lived for racing. Ferrari’s history and the Italian countries passion for the marque enthralled me. Also, my father always liked cars that were different and he had a passion for the Italian brands Lancia and Alfa Romeo. He could never afford a Ferrari but it was my ambition to own one, one day.

My first car was bought in 1984 and was an Austin Metro, which I drove for a few years building my no claims bonus and saving for my next car. I then bought a brand-new limited-edition Peugeot 205 Lacoste followed by a Toyota MR2. After crashing the MR2 and writing it off, I went for a more sensible car the BMW 3-Series and then on to a Mercedes-Benz 190E. I then fancied a convertible and bought an Audi Cabriolet. At this time I decided I would like a classic car and purchased a 1959 MGA Roadster, and joined the MG Owners Club. We had many adventures in the MGA and I modified it to look like the MGA race cars, with aero screens and spotlights.

After the sale of the 6-Series my car got a lot more exotic and exciting, so all the other cars, I’ve owned are detailed below:

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